Project Cargo

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Tailored Solutions

Providing professional advice on the equipment and carriers for your specific project needs, such as air cushion, shock control, light exposure, pressure, and humidity.

Hands-on Coordination

We will obtain all the necessary permits, escorts, signage, and route calculations to ensure that your shipment remains secured.

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Heavy & Oversized Cargo

Working with specialized partners and carriers, we reduce transport risks with proper packaging, communication, handling, and storage to ship your overweight cargo to its destination without any damage.

Hazardous & Dangerous Goods

Handling hazardous goods is our forte. Our team has years of experience in clearing custosms and transporting hazardous goods and clearing customs for our clients.

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Our dedicated team at Grand Forwarding provides services and equipment for customers whenever they are requested. We have access to special air and sea equipment, open top and flat rack containers, and offer cargo lashing, shoring, loading, and many more. With 30+ years of “hands-on” multimodal experiences, we have the skills to fulfill all your logistics needs.

Here are some current projects we are working on!

Generant Rotor 1

Generant Rotor

From: Japan
To: Taiwan
Shipping Method: Sea
Commodity: Generant Rotor

Air Craft Engine 3

Air Craft Engine

From: Taiwan
To: India
Shipping Method: Air
Commodity: Air Craft Engine

Semiconductor Equipment 3

Semiconductor Equipment

From: Netherlands
To: Taiwan
Shipping Method: Air
Commodity: Semiconductor Equipment

Sports Car 1

Sports Car

From: UK
To: Taiwan
Shipping Method: Air
Commodity: Sports Car

Musical Instruments 1

Musical Instruments

From: Taiwan
Shipping Method: Air
Commodity: Musical Instruments

Diplomatic Aid (Rice) 1

Diplomatic Aid (Rice)

From: Taiwan
To: 10+ Countries
Shipping Method: Sea
Commodity: Diplomatic Aid (Rice)