We aim to not only serve our electronic clients but also help improve transportation standards.

With services both for electronic imports and exports, we are capable of handling large volumes of cargo, and we will monitor temperature, pressure, humidity etc. throughout the shipping process.

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Apparel And Textile

With a long history of working with apparel and textile, we have enough experience to meet all requests from our customers.

We have worked with fast-fashion brands that have incredibly high demand and require speed and efficiency in the freight forwarding process for their business growth.

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Looking for help to ship things relating to the automotive industry? Look no further! We’ve worked with automotive clients that span across the entire supply chain.

Our clients include OEMs, automotive parts suppliers, retailers, and distributors.

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Need help with art shows, symphonies, and trade shows? We can cover the logistics!

From delivery route planning to temperature-controlled and air-cushioned trucks for equipment transportation, we will research and plan out the whole operation for you.

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