Serive Line
Grand has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the semi-conductor industry in Taiwan. Our team has handled the logistics of the 8” and 12” wafer dicing machine from ASML (Eindhoven) to TSMC (Taipei). We provided the first police escort for the machines from Taoyuang International airport to the consignee for such equipments. ASML has been very impressed with our services during the 15-year cooperation.  Grand Forwarding Taiwan is now ready to handle the 18” wafer dicing machine expected to debut in the near future.
Grand has several branches in through out Asia and a world-wide network of partner agents all over the world. Our company was founded and has grown based on 3 principles: quality, integrity and accountability. We pay attention to details and handle cargo with exquisite care in every stage of the transportation process. Our services are best summarized as safe, efficient and economical.